Anfang Und Ende (Beginning And Ending):
To every beginning there is an ending. Inevitable. Birth and death. Day and night. First kiss and last. As brutal as this might seem, if there wasn’t an ending, how meaningful would a beginning even be? If there wasn’t death, how meaningful would life be? If there were endless kisses, how good could a single one be? I haven’t got an answer. Maybe we could cope with immortality and exuberance perfectly. In my eyes, however, this duality of beginnings and endings makes sense. I only wish I knew better how to fully embrace it. Maybe my grandad can help. I love to listen to his anecdotes and memories about his childhood, his relationship with my grandma, about him building sand castles with my father. He lost his father, his brother and his son very early and has just turned 94 himself. His time with us is running out very obviously and he embodies everything I am thinking of in this song about beginnings and endings due to his narratives and his being by itself. So, actually it is also a song about him.


Zukunft, Nacht Und Ewigkeit (Future, Night And Eternity):
This track is a waltz reflection on mortality. Life has so much light to offer, and so much darkness as well. Sometimes I wake up from a nap and wonder how it is possible that all we have got is a frame in time with much more time before it and much more time after it - without us. I am puzzled by the reality of being something temporary. Along with wonder comes fear. Along with fear comes emptiness. Writing this song gave me peace. I hope listening to it can give you some peace if you need it as well when you are overwhelmed by the idea of mortality.


Skizze Fuer W (Sketch For W):
This is a slow and calm piano song with a nice cello middle part I have written for W. I am happy to have met you, I am sorry for a few things I have said and done or left unsaid and undone. And I am thankful to have shared some of our time together. I hope you know.


Asche Und Magnolien (Ashes And Magnolias):
"Asche und Magnolien" is the title track of my new album. It is a mellow piano song about my father, who passed away in 2002. His early death was a hurricane and since then a part of time has stood still - and so has a part of myself. It stayed somewhere between hospital hallways and good times at the lake or in the rear seat of his car.